Tracking Data Easily and Efficiently

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Learn how to build a super-charged Excel spreadsheet to help you and your team easily track any kind of data-sales transactions, inventory levels, project statuses, employee paid time off, student progress, household spending, and more. Follow along with Excel MVP Oz du Soleil as he shows how to create a basic spreadsheet and transform it into an effective tracking system for any kind of data that is regularly updated. Learn spreadsheet basics, as well as more advanced techniques such as writing formulas that check that information is complete, protecting and hiding sheets, and creating alerts for deadlines and bad data. Oz wraps up with a challenge that pulls together everything you've learned into a polished final project.


Oz du Soleil

Microsoft Excel MVP | Excel Instructor on LinkedIn | YouTube: Excel on Fire | Professional Raconteur

Oz du Soleil is an Excel MVP, author, and trainer with a passion for clean data and reliable reporting.

An even greater passion is that of teaching, sharing knowledge, and empowering people to handle their data more efficiently and with greater skill. Over the past 6 years, Oz has been teaching public and private workshops and giving presentations. He has presented at Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, IgniteChicago, and ExcelTV, and at various Excel and data conferences in Toronto; Amsterdam; San Jose; Portland, Oregon; and Chicago, Illinois.

Tracking Data Easily and Efficiently
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