Financial Modeling Foundations

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By distilling key information regarding cash flow levels and risks, financial modeling helps decision-makers make informed choices based on data analytics that move their firms forward. In this course, learn how to build financial models that can be used in corporate finance, investment banking, commercial banking, and portfolio management. Professor Michael McDonald covers financial statement models, investment banking models, M&A models, buyout models, and DCF models—all using Microsoft Excel. Throughout the course, Michael includes exercises—together with downloadable exercise files—that can provide you with a practical understanding of these key topics.


Michael McDonald

Partner, Morning Investments

Dr. Michael McDonald is a researcher and professor of finance at Fairfield University.

He has extensive programming skills in SAS, Stata, Python, R, and SQL, among other programming languages. His past work experience includes using these programming languages to analyze big data sets in finance and economics and develop trading strategies based on data mining. He has done extensive work in investment banking, at tech startups, hedge funds, and on a wide variety of consulting projects. He has a track record of authoring creative and practical course materials for a variety of subject areas across business disciplines.

Michael's core knowledge is focused on financial markets and investment decision-making. He has helped advise firms on capital investments, valuation issues, and capital allocation to enhance business strategy. He is the author of multiple research studies addressing complex questions across the finance discipline. Michael's work has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the CFA Institute, and many others.

Financial Modeling Foundations
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